Welcome to my writing world! I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve come across one of my books and were curious about me, and had a spare few moments. Thank you for both and I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.

I write because I get an idea for a story and want to find out how it ends……I’m a “What if….?” author. This means that although I might make notes about possible story-arcs, research locations and develop characters, I don’t plan every detail in advance. I tend to take a few pages of notes and ideas and work from those, rather than big and detailed wall charts with all the action mapped out. Sometimes something that I write surprises even me…..that’s the joy of it. I didn’t plan to have a disabled character in Soul-Lights….but as the students left the coffee bar in the first campus scene Nesta naturally seemed to be in a wheelchair, so I kept it in, and it became a plot point in the story and integral to her relationship with Tim and with some of the other students.

Equally the climax to the story in Soul-Scars was not planned from the beginning, but I knew I had to raise the stakes, and was truly sad about the best way to achieve it. (I’m not being deliberately cryptic, just trying to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t yet read the books).

All my books are available on Amazon, for those who are interested and want to buy a copy.