Early Summer 2018 – Current Projects

I’m excited to say I’m currently working on two new projects. One is a novel to be called Drowning in Demons, which is a stand-alone novel set in the same quirky world of guardian angels, and demons from The Darkness, as Soul-Lights and Soul-Scars but in a slightly different time frame. It’s challenging to be creating new characters….rather like starting from scratch, and to be taking the tale to different locations too, but I hope it will be a challenging read when it’s finished….which won’t be for a while yet, as it’s in its early stages.

I’m also creating a new storytelling show….this one’s a geeky one called Time Travel Tales, to perform at Sci-Fi Weekender next March. It’s coming together nicely, but I still have a lot of work to do on it. That’s my summer sorted….how’s yours looking?

It’s going to be a busy summer!

I had a plan, involving prequels….and them being ready by March 2018….but life happened! I’ve changed those plans a little…..and now have a number of bits of work to juggle. For a start, I took advice and decided that one prequel element is going to be a major part of the plot of the third book in the Soul-lights series. Another prequel idea wasn’t really strong enough, and the third? Well, that’s on it’s way to becoming a full stand alone novel (in the same series, but it can be read separately). The provisional name for that one is Drowning in Demons.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be on author panels at SciFi in the City in Sheffield in 2017 and at SFW 9 in North Wales this spring, and even managed to sell a few books at those events….thanks to Sam Stone and David Howe of Telos Publishing allowing me table space and including me in the events .


Dr Who Panel at SciFi in the City

Writer’s Panel – Sheffield

Self Publishing Panel at SFW 9 

I’m also trying to find a new publisher for the series, if possible, and find a publisher for the Welsh Folk Tales Book I’m working on. Then there’s another stand alone novel set in the Cotswolds (not a series) and a possible, tentative collaboration with an artist in Abergavenny whose work I love…..Mmmmm! I’d better get writing!

So What’s New?

Well, having got the two novels – Soul-Lights and Soul-Scars – out in print, I need to find ways of letting people know about them. This is harder than it sounds, as the publisher of my first book retired, and the sequel was therefore self-published. I am developing a marketing strategy… hark at me….a marketing strategy! This way I might help more people come across my books….and hopefully buy, read and enjoy them. Then I can justify writing more books…..that’s the plan, anyway.

So first I need to bring out Soul-Lights as an e-book – which means redesigning the cover etc, as it’s no longer under the previous publisher, and possibly re-formatting it. Then I need to e-book Soul-Scars, which should be straightforward.

After that I want to write a series of the prequels to the novels, and release them as e-books…short and affordable:-

Jessamy’s Journal – Seeing the unseen (First prequel to Soul-Lights)
The story of Paul’s mysterious grandmother.

Drowning in Demons (Second prequel to Soul-Lights)
The story of Bex’s mother and why she had to abandon her child.

Secret Sentinel (Third prequel to Soul-Lights)
Tor’s backstory.

If they go down well I plan to publish the three of them together as a paperback – Provisional title……… Soul-Stirred…..I’ve even set myself a deadline….March 2018 Eeeek! That’ll be easy then!

Meanwhile I’m trying to prepare a book of Welsh folk tales for publication, then I can start work on my next novel – The Stones Sprites of Wychwood, set in The Cotswolds.

I might just have my hands full for a few months….plus I need to earn a living as a storyteller and puppeteer, because it’s almost impossible to earn a living as a writer, but that’s a struggle most of us face.

So, my first decision has to be….do I go for kindle or some other e-book format? Any suggestions?