So What’s New?

Well, having got the two novels – Soul-Lights and Soul-Scars – out in print, I need to find ways of letting people know about them. This is harder than it sounds, as the publisher of my first book retired, and the sequel was therefore self-published. I am developing a marketing strategy… hark at me….a marketing strategy! This way I might help more people come across my books….and hopefully buy, read and enjoy them. Then I can justify writing more books…..that’s the plan, anyway.

So first I need to bring out Soul-Lights as an e-book – which means redesigning the cover etc, as it’s no longer under the previous publisher, and possibly re-formatting it. Then I need to e-book Soul-Scars, which should be straightforward.

After that I want to write a series of the prequels to the novels, and release them as e-books…short and affordable:-

Jessamy’s Journal – Seeing the unseen (First prequel to Soul-Lights)
The story of Paul’s mysterious grandmother.

Drowning in Demons (Second prequel to Soul-Lights)
The story of Bex’s mother and why she had to abandon her child.

Secret Sentinel (Third prequel to Soul-Lights)
Tor’s backstory.

If they go down well I plan to publish the three of them together as a paperback – Provisional title……… Soul-Stirred…..I’ve even set myself a deadline….March 2018 Eeeek! That’ll be easy then!

Meanwhile I’m trying to prepare a book of Welsh folk tales for publication, then I can start work on my next novel – The Stones Sprites of Wychwood, set in The Cotswolds.

I might just have my hands full for a few months….plus I need to earn a living as a storyteller and puppeteer, because it’s almost impossible to earn a living as a writer, but that’s a struggle most of us face.

So, my first decision has to be….do I go for kindle or some other e-book format? Any suggestions?

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